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Sharpening STIHL saw chains

Sharpening STIHL saw chains

STIHL offers every user, from occasional to professional, the right tools for maintaining saw chains. The following pages are intended to help you select and learn how to use the right tools for servicing your cutting attachment. With a little practice you will be able to sharpen your saw chain like a professional.

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Preparing the saw chain

 A few essential preparations before the saw chain can be sharpened.

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Sharpening the saw chain

All the help you'll need to learn the essentials of sharpening a saw chain correctly.


File guides

Maintaining all the angles and dimensions when filing freehand is very difficult and requires practice. Have a look at our handy filing aids.

Always wear protective gloves when working on or with a chain saw or cutting attachment. Chainsaw teeth are very sharp and can cause injury. Your STIHL Approved Dealer will be happy to answer any further questions you may have on saw chain sharpening.

Sharp Advice for Chainsaw Owners Sharp Advice for Chainsaw Owners

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