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How to get your lawn mower safely through the winter

Getting a lawn mower ready for winter

How does your lawn mower actually fare in winter? There are one or two points to bear in mind when storing your lawn mower over the cold months so that it will get off to a good start again in the spring.

No fuel left
The fuel tank should be emptied before the winter break, because fuel residue loses its combustibility over time, so if fuel is left in the tank there may be problems starting up in spring. If there is still fuel left after making the last cut of the season, it is advisable to allow the lawn mower to idle until the engine comes to a stop of its own accord.

Checking the oil level
It's important to check the oil level before the winter break too, but unlike fuel, the oil level should be topped up. This is because the machine must be in full working order at all times. If necessary an oil change should be carried out or assistance may be requested from your Stihl Approved Dealer. In any case remember to follow the Instruction Manual and to use the recommended high-quality oil.