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Autumn Leaf Clearance

Autumn leaf clearance

The golden days of autumn; the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  That blaze of startling colour as trees change their clothes in a final salute to the summer.

Autumn leaves may be beautiful; but when they start to fall and pile up on the ground they can be a real chore for gardeners.  Clearing leaves off the lawn prevents suffocation, letting it rest and breathe for a healthy spring; and whilst leaving them on beds and borders can eventually create useful mulch, they make an unsightly and slippery mess on driveways, pavements, patios and paths. 

So what is the best way to clear fallen leaves in areas where you don't want them to pile up? 

For a real work-out use a manual rake, or spend a satisfying couple of hours with a leaf blower or vac.   Powered leaf blowers and vacuums relieve the strain of clearing drives, pathways and lawns, and the latest STIHL range makes seasonal leaf clearance an absolute breeze.