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Temperature chamber

You can push it on the job because we push it in the temperature chamber.

Temperature chamber

Turning up the heat on the STIHL range
STIHL products are used - and relied on - all over the world. From the frozen wastes of Sibera to the scorching deserts of the Sahara, STIHL has become a byword for reliability. But this doesn't happen by accident...every machine is stress tested to the limit in our dedicated climate chamber.

From Siberia to the Sahara, STIHL performs
From a chilly -30°C to a roasting 40°C, performance testing in these extremes gives us some important answers. How does the fuel mix behave in these temperatures? Does the oil have the ideal viscosity? Do our fuels burn without leaving much residue? How does the tool perform around the dew point? The answers we get are used to refine, develop and enhance STIHL models across the range, so wherever you're working, you know you can rely on STIHL.

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