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Discover Our Products

Discover Our Products

STIHL is the name for quality – the primary reason being the sophisticated engineering that goes into every machine, down to the last detail. Some selected examples of STIHL product engineering are shown here. You can also take a look at some of our technology innovations in more detail.

Battery will get you everywhere

Battery technology is clearly on the rise and is becoming increasingly powerful ...

Showcasing STIHL products

Discover the innovative ideas and techniques that go into STIHL products ...

Fuels, oils, lubricants and accessories

Using fuels, oils, lubricants and accessories made by STIHL and VIKING makes work easy and environmentally-friendly ...

STIHL technology in detail

On the following pages we show you a small selection of typical STIHL innovations ...

STIHL quality in detail

Innovative technology, developed by STIHL.

STIHL: The full charge

STIHL: The full charge

The battery-equipment list from STIHL and VIKING ...

YouTube STIHL – our YouTube channel

Visit our YouTube channel to see the pure fascination of the STIHL brand and STIHL products for yourself. Why not take a look?

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