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STIHL Innovations

STIHL Innovations

STIHL has been setting the standard for chainsaws and other garden power tools for 80 years. During this time, we have achieved a number of key feature breakthroughs. These include:

Automatic chain oiling - the chain and guide bar are automatically lubricated by an oil pressure lubrication system in the handpiece (1934).

Centrifugal clutch - this ensures that the saw chain is automatically advanced as the engine speed increases (1936).

Anti-vibration system - the chainsaw is now equipped with an anti-vibration handle (1964).

Electronic ignition system - appears for the first time on the chainsaw model 041 AV electronic, ensuring trouble-free starting and optimum combustion (1968).

Chain braking system - the chain brake brings chain to a halt in a fraction of a second of the machine kicking back (1972).

Single-lever Master Control LeverTM - the functions cold start, start, run and stop are operated safely and reliably via the handle (1976).

EmaticTM system - this reduces chain oil consumption, cuts operating costs and helps to protect the environment (1987).

Catalytic converter - the first version for 2 stroke engines was developed reducing harmful emissions by 70-80% (1988).

ElastoStartTM system - a dampener integrated into the handle absorbs the peak forces, perceived as jerks, when pulling the starter rope on chainsaws and other power tools (1991).

Auger brake - the BT 106 C was the first earth auger to be equipped with a QuickStop drill brake for additional safety (1995).

4-MIX technology - this revolutionary mixture-lubricated 4-stroke engine combines the advantages of 2-stroke and 4-stroke units providing fewer emissions, lower weight and high torque (2002).

4-MIX engine – operates with the patented STIHL petrol-oil lubricating system. This ensures cleaner, more efficient engine operation, lower noise levels and favourable fuel consumption (2002).

ErgoStart (E) – STIHL's revolutionary easy starting system sets an additional spring between the crankshaft and the starter rope. The result is a simple and effortless two-finger pull-start (2003).

Comfort saw chain – A significant stride in saw chain design, a newly profiled cutter produces a shock-absorbing effect as the cutting edge enters the wood. Chain vibration is reduced by as much 40% when cutting, making it more comfortable and safer in use (2003).

Spring-loaded anti-vibration system – advanced spring-loaded system is proven to significantly reduce vibrations from the engine to the user's hand (2005).

2-MIX engine – with up to 70% fewer emissions and up to 20% less fuel consumption, STIHL 2-MIX technology guarantees greater engine efficiency and performance (2007).

Long life air filter system – pre-separation air filter system extends the filter life by up to five times compared to its predecessor (2007).

Lithium-ion battery technology – STIHL's breakthrough 36 V lithium-ion battery technology powers the new light cordless hedge trimmer range (2009).

Flood prevention system – the latest domestic grass trimmers (FS 40, 50, 56) benefit from a simplified 4-step starting system and an engine that is virtually impossible to flood (2009).

Electric start – the STIHL FR 480 C-F backpack brushcutter can be started and stopped whilst still on your back by simply pressing a button on the multi-function handle (2009).

Picco Duro chain – the world's first ever carbide-tipped low-profile saw chain. Stays sharp for up to four times as long as standard saw chains (2010).

STIHL M-Tronic – featured on STIHL's most advanced chainsaw ever – the MS 441 C-M, STIHL M-Tronic is a full electronic controlled ignition timing and fuel metering system. The carburettor is automatically adjusted to changes in altitude, temperature and fuel quality, ensuring optimum engine performance day in and day out (2010).