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RMA 765 V, without battery and charger

RMA 765 V cordless lawn mower: professional mower with swivelling front wheels


With the STIHL RMA 765 V professional cordless lawn mower, you can quickly get spacious green areas into shape. Thanks to the STIHL PRO cordless power system, operation of the RMA 765 V is not only cordless but also quiet and sustainable. The lithium-ion batteries provide the brushless electric motor with the right amount of energy required to power the powerful 2-blade mower and the synchronised blades achieve a cutting width of 63 cm, consistently delivering precise results. If you activate the energy-saving eco mode, the mower works even more efficiently by automatically adjusting the speed of the motor based on the currently required power. Before mowing, you can choose whether the grass clippings should be collected in the 80-litre grass catcher box with a level indicator or whether the STIHL RMA 765 V should eject the cut grass via the rear discharge system. When used with the mulching kit accessory, the fine grass particles fall evenly back onto the turf in the form of nutrient-rich mulch. Thanks to the electric vario self-propulsion, you can always flexibly adjust the speed of the mower to suit your needs. In the interest of the long-term and regular use of the cordless lawn mower, the components are made of both high-quality and durable materials. The hybrid housing consists of a robust aluminium outer shell and an inside wall made of impact-resistant polymer. The cordless mower can be quickly adjusted thanks to the option to adjust the cutting height from 25 to 100 mm at each wheel and the foldable and height-adjustable mono-comfort handlebar. Features such as the cushioned super soft grip on the handlebar and the swivelling front wheels make manoeuvring the mower a pleasant experience. For transportation, storage or cleaning, the foldable handlebar makes it easy to get the STIHL RMA 765 V into the desired position.


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