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Concept ear protectors: effective ear and hearing protection


These ear protectors from the STIHL Concept range protect you from high levels of noise during demanding work. This STIHL ear protection is equipped with soft padding, making it comfortable to wear. The ear defenders and headband of the STIHL Concept ear protectors can be rotated. In addition, the model is very lightweight and can be quickly and easily adjusted for good adaptability. The STIHL Concept 24 and 28 ear protector models are equipped with a sturdy and air-permeable metal band. The STIHL Concept 24 F ear defenders are extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the padded headband. These ear defenders are also foldable for convenient transport and storage.

The following information applies to all Concept ear defenders:

  • Safety requirement: EN 352

The following applies to Concept (item no.: 00008840539):

  • Ear protection: SNR 26 (H: 32, M: 23, L: 15)

The following applies to Concept 24 (item no.: 00008840541):

  • Ear protection: SNR 24 (H: 28, M: 22, L: 15)

The following applies to Concept 24 F (item no.: 00008840542):

  • Ear protection: SNR 24 (H: 31, M: 21, L: 14)

The following applies to Concept 28 (item no.: 00008840543):

  • Ear protection: SNR 28 (H: 31, M: 27, L: 18)

Please also observe the safety instructions in the user manual for your STIHL power tool.


The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.



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