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HP two-stroke engine oil

HP 2-stroke engine oil: For demanding requirements


The mineral-oil-based STIHL HP 2-stroke engine oil has been specially developed for the demanding requirements of power tools. Its good lubrication and combustion properties ensure that you achieve good performance from your power tool with STIHL HP 2-stroke engine oil.

STIHL 2-stroke engine oil is available in the following sizes:

  • 100 ml for 5 litres (item no.: 07813198401)
  • 1 litre for 50 litres (item no.: 07813198410)
  • 1 litre for 50 litres as a dosing bottle (item no.: 07813198411)
  • 5 litres for 250 litres (item no.: 07813198433)
  • 10 litres for 500 litres (item no.: 07813198434)

Further information:

  • Performance classes: JASO-FD, ISO-L-EGD
  • Mixing ratio: 1:50

For additional containers, please contact your local STIHL dealer.


The version(s) available in each country may differ from the above range and specifications; specific details may be subject to change without notice. Please ask your local STIHL Approved Dealer for further information.